Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fundie Dumpty Sat on a Wall

I've watched fundamentalism turn otherwise normal functioning humans into hate filled mechanisms of destruction all my life. There are also a ton of equally crazed crackpots out there who believe with all their hearts that churches, particularly the Catholic Church, are about nothing but mind control and money. That the gods were an invention to kowtow the people, and religions--just a scheme to collect money from them in the process.

But then we have the atheists who seem to grasp both groups and their problems really well... at first. But a well oiled human will quickly see that the atheists have also committed brain felo-de-se on the way to the rally.

The thing none of our cerebrally unhinged groups can seem to comprehend is where the truth lies or how to get there. In all three cases it's literally like trying to communicate with a brick. Or a... well, a really dumb cat. If they were taking drugs I could take their drugs away. If they were the victims of brain frequency altering sound waves or optical sensory manipulation to achieve a hypnotic effect, I could close their eyes and stop up their ears or shut the machines down. But how do you wake people from a hypnotic trance which has been self induced and habitually maintained? After Pavlov's dog has already been drooling for a couple of decades, or since birth, can you ever stop him from doing so with each and every bell that rings?

This is why I can't agree with the Universalists. There are just a small handful of people walking the Earth who haven't flown into intellectual flypaper. Can a man be taught truth when his mind has been locked away, and only he holds the key?

I am reminded of CS Lewis' story about a bus ride through purgatory where those who were the farthest from Heaven were also the ones whose minds had been closed around both selfishness and self deception. Where Hitler for instance, and those like him, could be found far away on a distant star because their selfish nature kept pushing them further and further away from other humans and from the Creator of life. Fundamentalists, conspiracy theorists, and atheists are also wrapped up in a closed cocoon of thought where nothing can penetrate their trance. They all see a completely different version of the great dance of life, all with different figures stepping to different tunes, each of them out of key because they've fired the conductor.

I suspect all of mankind has wrestled with these same parasites of mind manipulation. What is it that keeps some from falling prey to them? It has nothing whatsoever to do with intelligence; some of the finest minds, the most erudite thinkers, come under the spell of the perverted dance, and yet, some of the feeblest of intellects seem able to avoid the pitfalls as the fly evades the horse's tail. One thing is for sure; if the mind is to be able, it must first be free.

A good Christian must always be as skeptical of his bible as he is fond of it.

A good conspiracy theorist must be willing to test both sides of his theory with equal and complete impartiality.

A good atheist must be skeptical even of his own skepticism. (In other words, the only good atheist is an agnostic).

All honest men are capable of pleasing a God who is truth itself. But where is the honest man?


Anonymous said...

I think there is a point where 'blind' faith, more powerful than the most profound wisdom, leads the believer in both daily relationship with God and with his fellow man. I disagree that I must be skeptical of my Bible or with my own skepticism. There are times when the teaching I receive must be compared with Holy Writ but, if I don't hold the Bible as an unchanging reference point, I'll have a sorry time enjoying my relationship with God if I'm always questioning everything I say, do or hear. Children accept without questioning out of blind trust or faith...because they've seen their parents as benevolent yet firm in discipline and love. I doubt that, if my heart is bent towards God and in seeking and performing His will, that He will allow me to be brainwashed or misled by the clergy. I choose to come to Jesus as a child. Noone can take that away from me.

C W Seper said...

"I think there is a point where 'blind' faith, more powerful than the most profound wisdom, leads the believer in both daily relationship with God and with his fellow man."

What you're referring to is trust rather than faith. Trust in God is fine. The bible, however, is not God. Blind faith is just stupidity in action.

"I'll have a sorry time enjoying my relationship with God if I'm always questioning everything I say, do or hear."

“Mankind is only too prone to follow faith unreasoningly, and needs no preaching nor encouragement in that direction. Doubt and hope are sisters. There is really no scientific or other method by which men can steer safely between the opposite dangers of believing too little or of believing too much. To face such dangers is apparently our duty, and to hit the right channel between them is the measure of our wisdom as men.” ~ William James

A lot of your questions could be answered by following the links I gave you, and more importantly, by following your God given conscience.