Sunday, April 18, 2010

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream

Putting aside any allusions you are now having toward all things Mason Proffit, let me tell you about it.

I dreamed I was in a house with CS Lewis, a woman I know named Ann from an online Charles Williams group, and a man who seemed to be something like a butler. It was a very simple dream and was the last thing I remember upon awakening this morning.

I don't know where this house was. I don't recall seeing Jack (I can call him that since we're old drinking buddies), but I think he was inside the house while I was in the front yard. The home was old and brick--the front yard a bit small and sparse of vegetation except for the grass. The yard was fenced in by an iron fence like the ones they made in the old days. Iron in fact played a big role in this dream. On the other side of the fence everything you saw was rather rundown. Not terrible, but certainly the other properties had been let go for a number of years. There was also a shop where a man (who I didn't see) made things from iron. He had made an outside chair for Jack and an odd piece of "poetry" for Charles Williams. Both objects now sat in Lewis' front yard. The butler had just brought them out, and I was afraid they would get stolen.

There's no point in trying to describe the chair, it having no distinguishing characteristics from other iron chairs except to say it had a lot of open spaces instead of tons of bars going around it like some chairs do. The more intriguing object was this piece made for Williams. I don't know if Williams was still alive or not, but I believe the object was made to his specifications. Ann came out of the house and looked it up and down for a while before declaring that the "poetry was too dense" to figure out. The odd thing was that the object seemed to be nothing but a hurdle bar--the kind people jump over when running hurdles. It was different from other hurdle bars I had seen in that it was made from iron and had no wood on it. It was completely iron, and instead of having a flat wood piece on the top that you were to jump over, it had an iron bar that was shaped like a half moon with the curved side facing up making it more difficult to clear.

The butler moved one of the pieces (I can't remember which now, but I think it was the chair) over against the fence. This really worried me, because I could see how easy it was to steal from there. Sure enough a boy grabbed it and ran off with it in just a few minutes. I was chasing him when I woke up.

Whatever could it mean?